DBS – Results 5/14/16


Devil’s Bowl Speedway Results – 5/14/16

Heat #1

(36t) Trent Dorman, (71)Phillip Houston, (88xxxx) Clyde Dunn Jr, (6L) Matt Deaver, (12j) Johnny Philpot, (51x) Danny Florence(88) Shawn Gammage, (123) Logan Robertson

Heat #2

(28b) Wendall Bolden, (8) Max Eddie Thomas, (14t) Triston Dycus, (3) Sam Cox, (188) Chad Wheeler, (11x) Wesley Veal, (01) Colby Smith,

Heat #3

(56) Troy Taylor, (711) Michael Daniels, (7jr) Chad Ewell, (8x) Skip O’Neal, (3c) Charlie Smith, (21x)Chaz Exum, (31) Shane Hartline, (9) Kevin Rutherford,

Heat #4

(X) John Webb, (75) Patrick Daniels, (A1) Phil Dixon, (99) Jeff Needham, (25d) Donnie Shipp, (6) Micahel Needham, (b23) Michael Grubbs, (14x) Josh Landers, (D25) David Tanner,


Smiley’s Racing Chassis

B-Main #1

(8x) Skip O’Neal, (99) Jeff Needham, (3c) Charlie Smith, (21x)Chaz Exum, (31) Shane Hartline, (14x) Josh Landers, (11x) Wesley Veal, (123) Logan Robertson, (6L) Matt Deaver,

Cam Racing Chassis

B-Main #2

(3) Sam Cox, (188) Chad Wheeler, (12j) Johnny Philpot, (D25) David Tanner, (25d) Donnie Shipp, (9) Kevin Rutherford, (b23) Michael Grubbs, (51x) Danny Florence, (88) Shawn Gammage (6) Micahel Needham,


Day Motorsports A-Main


(8) Max Eddie Thomas, (56) Troy Taylor, (14t) Triston Dycus, (88xxxx) Clyde Dunn Jr,   (A1) Phil Dixon, (188) Chad Wheeler, (3c) Charlie Smith, (8x) Skip O’Neal, (X) John Webb, (14x) Josh Landers, (71)Phillip Houston, (3) Sam Cox, (99) Jeff Needham,  (36t) Trent Dorman, (7jr) Chad Ewell, (D25) David Tanner,   (28b) Wendall Bolden, (25d) Donnie Shipp, (75) Patrick Daniels, (711) Michael Daniels, (12j) Johnny Philpot, (51x) Danny Florence, (21x)Chaz Exum, (123) Logan Robertson,

Lap Leaders:

1 -16     (28b) Wendall Bolden

17-20   (8) Max Eddie Thomas


Smiley’s Hard Charger: (3c) Charlie Smith / (188) Chad Wheeler

Superior Hard Charger:  (3c) Charlie Smith / (188) Chad Wheeler

Day Motor Sports Tire Winner: (9) Kevin Rutherford

FrtizFoto Pole: (56) Troy Taylor


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