LS – Results 7/16/16


Lawton Speedway Results – 7/16/16

Heat #1

(66x) Mike Dillard, (1s) Stanley Reed, (7jr) Chad Ewell, (14x) Josh Landers, (11x) Wesley Veal, (59) Lucas Steele, (33) Thomas Nunley, (34) Mickey Lassiter,

Heat #2

(1j) James Reed, (25d) David Tanner, (777) Blane Shives, (88) Shawn Gammage, (34n) C.A. Nix, (3) Sam Cox, (14) Travis Bragg, (w71) Harold Winton Sr,

Heat #3

(49) Chad Howell, (14t) Triston Dycus, (71) Phillip Houston, (15c) Cam Case, (57k) Kelly King, (74) Jason Hammonds, (95) Shawn Johnson, (21d) Ed Dunn, (68) Gary Little

Day Motorsports A-Main


(14t) Triston Dycus, (71) Phillip Houston, (1s) Stanley Reed,  (66x) Mike Dillard, (49) Chad Howell, (777) Blane Shives, (15c) Cam Case,  (7jr) Chad Ewell, (57k) Kelly King,  (14x) Josh Landers, (11x) Wesley Veal, (74) Jason Hammonds, (25d) David Tanner, (33) Thomas Nunley, (88) Shawn Gammage, (3) Sam Cox, (14) Travis Bragg, (95) Shawn Johnson, (68) Gary Little (1j) James Reed,  (59) Lucas Steele, (34n) C.A. Nix,  (21d) Ed Dunn,, (w71) Harold Winton Sr, (34) Mickey Lassiter-NS



Lap Leaders:

1 -23 – (14t) Triston Dycus

24 – (71) Phillip Houston

25 – (14t) Triston Dycus


Smiley’s Hard Charger: (71) Phillip Houston

Superior Hard Charger: (71) Phillip Houston

Day Motor Sports Tire Winner: (33) Thomas Nunley

FrtizFoto Pole: (49) Chad Howell


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