Touring Outlaw Modified Series

Armadillo Nationals, Lonestar Speedway

Results 10-14-17

B-Main #1     

(14t) Triston Dycus, (5x) Danny Veal, (66x) Mike Dillard, (49w) Shannon Hartline, (75d) Kenneth Densman,  (8) Skip Oneal, (9c) Colby Oneal, (51x) Danny Florence, (16x) Jeff Harris, (78) Billy Jack Brutchen-NS,


(7) Sean Gaddis, (21) David Winslett, (52) Justin Ingals, (74) Jasen Hammond, (14z) Zack McMillian, (112) David Hatton, (99jr) Rick Henry, (75t) Kyle Taylor, (11) Larry Fears, (7x) Rory Jordan,  (410) Brad Doherty-NS, (3c) Charlie Smith-NS

Day Motor Sports A-Main

(2) Kenny Gaddis, (12) Jason Ingalls, (16) Chris Henigan, (8t) Tator Hide, (4m) Bobby Malchus, (6x) Kyle Pleasants, (5) Jonathan Mitchell,  (75) Patrick Daniel, (21) David Winslett, (7) Sean Gaddis, (5x) Danny Veal, (10) Ty Clampitt, (14t) Triston Dycus,   (49w) Shannon Hartline, (5c) Brad Couch, (9c) Colby Oneal, (51x) Danny Florence, (74) Jasen Hammond, (75d) Kenneth Densman, (8c) Dennie Geiber, (112) David Hatton, (8) Skip Oneal, (52) Justin Ingals, (66x) Mike Dillard, (25d) Donnie Shipp, (14z) Zack McMillian,


Smilies Hard Charger:  (21) David Winslett

Superior Steering Wheel Hard Charger:  (21) David Winslett


Results 10-13-17

Time Trials:

(75)     Patrick Daniel            16.340

(5)       Jonathan Mitchell     16.351

(16)     Chris Henigan           16.595

(8t)      Tator Hide                 16.682

(2)       Kenny Gaddis           16.710

(12)     Jason Ingalls             16.745

(66x)   Mike Dillard              16.781

(7)       Sean Gaddis              16.862

(78)     Billy Jack Brutchen  16.864

(25d)   Donnie Shipp            16.911

(10)     Tye Clampitt             16.988

(52)     Justin Ingalls             16.996

(4m)    Bobby Malchus         17.006

(6x)     Kyle Plesants             17.056

(8)       Skip Oneal                 17.184

(14t)    Triston Dycus            17.227

(410)   Brad Doherty            17.247

(9c)      Colby Oneal               17.328

(75t)    Kyle Taylor                17.336

(21)     David Wnslett           17.370

(5x)     Danny Veal                17.500

(75d)   Kenneth Densman    17.503

(49W) Shannon Hartline     17.616

(11)     Larry Fears                17.670

(74)     Jasen Hammonds     17.807

(8c)      Dennie Geiber            17.994

(16x)   Jeff Harris                  18.007

(7x)     Rory Jordan              18.180

(99jr)  Rick Henry                18.200

(3c)      Charlie Smith            18.215

(112)   David Hatton             DNS


Qualifier #1

(8t) Tator Hide, (75) Patrick Daniel, (25d) Donnie Shipp, (4m) Bobby Malchus, (14t) Triston Dycus, (75t) Kyle Taylor, (66x) Mike Dillard, (14z) Zack McMillian, (75d) Kenneth Densman, (74) Jasen Hammond, (16x) Jeff Harris, (3c) Charlie Smith

Qualifier #2

(5) Jonathan Mitchell, (2) Kenny Gaddis, (6x) Kyle Pleasants, (10) Ty Clampitt, (7) Sean Gaddis, (49w) Shannon Hartline, (21) David Winslett, (410) Brad Doherty, (7x) Rory Jordan, (51x) Danny Florence, (112) David Hatton,

Qualifier #3

(12) Jason Ingalls, (16) Chris Henigan, (8c) Dennie Geiber, (5c) Brad Couch, (5x) Danny Veal, (99jr) Rick Henry, (9c) Colby Oneal, (52) Justin Ingals, (78) Billy Jack Brutchen, (11) Larry Fears, (8) Skip Oneal


Milt Clark Performance Warehouse:   (14t) Triston Dycus

Deathridge Opticians:  (3c) Charlie Smith / (12) Jason Ingalls / (7x) Rory Jordan

Day Motor Sports Tire Winner:  (51x) Danny Florence


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