SOS Results – 6/2/18


With 27 cars rolling into the Southern Oklahoma Speedway on Saturday, Wesley Veal proved out of the gate he was not going to be denied his first Touring Outlaw Modified Series win of 2018.

Drawing the fifth starting position of the second heat, he showed his power by taking the lead on lap two and going to the checkered, making him the high-point runner from the heat races. Other heat race winners were Triston Dycus, Mike Dillard and Billy Brierton.

At the Big Tex Auto Redraw, Veal pulled the number two starting position. With Brierton and Veal leading the field of 26 cars to the green flag of the Summit Racing Equipment “A” Main, Veal powered his way to the lead going into turn one, claiming the bottom preferred groove and then driving off from turn two to stretch the lead to three car-lengths to continue to claim the lead on lap one.

Behind Veal the battle between Brierton and Mitchell Clement heated up with Clement squeezing his way to second on lap four while Troy Taylor squeezed by Dycus to take over the fourth position. Veal continued to lead at lap eight when lapped traffic started coming into the picture. Veal and Clement got past the first lapped car but it allowed Dycus to jump two positions, getting past Taylor then Brierton to claim the third spot.

Continuing in lapped traffic, Veal worked high and low to pick them off one at a time, showing his car was working whereever he wanted it to run. The field continued to stretch out with a lot of side-by-side racing. Taylor was able to get past Brierton on lap 20 to take the fourth spot. On lap 21, Kale Westover crawled to the back of Brierton to take over the fifth spot.

Veal took the dual checkered flags by a ten-car-length advantage followed by Clement, Dycus, Taylor and Westover. Sometime after lap 18, Dycus tangled with a track corner tire and broke the tie rod on the left front wheel, but he managed to hold on with a flopping left front before the hard-charging racers behind him caught him at the checkered flag.

As the 2018 racing season is starting to reach its stride, the TOMS will be making it’s first visits to the Texana Raceway in Edna, Texas, on Friday, June 15, followed by the I-37 Speedway in Pleasanton, Texas, on Saturday, June 16. Hope to see everyone there.

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Special thanks to the John and Nicky Webb and all of the Southern Oklahoma Speedway staff for your help and support of the TOMS.

Touring Outlaw Modified Series
Southern Oklahoma Speedway, Ardmore, Okla.
Saturday, June 2, 2018

Awards-N-More – Heat #1
1. 14t Triston Dycus
2. 32 Mitchell Clement
3. 8 Skip O’Neil
4. 74 Jasen Hammond
5. 49 Chad Howell
6. 9 Kevin Rutherford
7. W71 Harold Winton Sr.

Dynamic Drivelines – Heat #2
1. 11x Wesley Veal
2. 15w Kale Westover
3. 56 Troy Taylor
4. 34n C.A. Nix
5. D25 David Tanner
6. 14 Travis Bragg
7. 95 Shawn Johnson

Big Tex Auto – Heat #3
1. 66x Mike Dillard
2. 4 Bo Day
3. 55h Buddy Honaker
4. 2c Chris Huckeba
5. 3c Charlie Smith
6. 15c Cam Case
7. 87 John Webb

Deatherage Opticians – Heat #4
1. 2 Billy Brierton
2. 15 Curtis Allen
3. 5x Danny Veal
4. 410 Brad Doherty
5. 412 Mark Beltz
6. 82 Jimmie Williams

Summit Racing Equipment – “A” Main:
1. 11x Wesley Veal
2. 32 Mitchell Clement
3. 14t Triston Dycus
4. 56 Troy Taylor
5. 15w Kale Westover
6. 2 Billy Brierton
7. 4 Bo Day
8. 5x Danny Veal
9. 15 Curtis Allen
10. 34n C.A. Nix
11. 410 Brad Doherty
12. 74 Jasen Hammond
13. 15c Cam Case
14. 9 Kevin Rutherford
15. 2c Chris Huckeba
16. 55h Buddy Honaker
17. 14 Travis Bragg
18. 412 Mark Beltz
19. 8 Skip O’Neil
20. 95 Shawn Johnson
21. D25 David Tanner
22. 87 John Webb
23. W71 Harold Winton Sr.
24. 3c Charlie Smith
25 . 49 Chad Howell
26. 66x Mike Dillard
DNS – 82 Jimmie Williams

Lap Leader: W. Veal 1-25.
Day Motor Sports Tire Winner: D. Veal.
Pulse Racing: Huckeba.
GRT Race Cars: Howell.
Smiley’s/Superior Hard Chargers: Taylor, Westover, D. Veal.