TOMS Touring Outlaw Modified Series

Battleground Speedway 3/31/17


By Keith Pirtle

Tommy Fain (90.5) had the field covered Friday night at the 3/8 mile, high banked, Wichita Speedway.  Fain lead the field to the green flag, jumped to the high side, and rode the cushion never looking back to capture his first ever TOMS Series A-Main Feature Win.

All the racing was for the second finishing spot, in the end going to, Phil Dixon (A1). He was running second in the early stages of the 25 lap feature before an early challenge from Triston Dycus (14t).  They swapped spots multiple times before Dycus finally took the spot.  Midway through the race Kevin Sustaire (71k) brought out the only caution when he tangled with the turn 3 wall and sent him tumbling. Unfortunately the wall won.

On the restart Fain set the pace once again and jumped out to the lead.  With the field now bunched up it allowed Philip Houston (71) to take his shot for that second spot making some amazing moves through traffic.  Eventually the cushion bit him and allowed Dycus and Dixon to get by.

At the finish line if was Fain taking the checkers, Dycus, Dixon, Houston and Logan Robertson (23) filled out the top 5 finishing spots.

The series next event is at the Superbowl Speedway in Greenville, TX on April 22, 2017.


Heat #1

(14t) Triston Dycus, (87)John Webb, (05) Ron Gould, (71k) Kevin Sustaire, (56) Troy Taylor, (75) Kenneth Densman, (95) Shawn Johnson, (78) Billy Jack Brutchin-NS,

Heat #2

(90.5) Tommy Fain, (34n) C.A. Nix, (10c)Chris Cary, (14x) Josh Landers, (51x) Danny Florence, (7x) Rory Jordan,  (30) John Nemtz,

Heat #3

(71) Phillip Houston, (A1) Phil Dixon, (d25) David Tanner, (23) Logan Robertson,(49) Chad Howell, (74) Jasen Hammond, (31b) Brandon Pinson,

Day Motorsports A-Main  

A-Main(90.5) Tommy Fain, (14t) Triston Dycus, (A1) Phil Dixon, (71) Phillip Houston, (23) Logan Robertson,  (87)John Webb, (34n) C.A. Nix, (56) Troy Taylor, (14x) Josh Landers, (49) Chad Howell, (d25) David Tanner, (51x) Danny Florence, (30) John Nemtz, (05) Ron Gould,  (75) Kenneth Densman, (31b) Brandon Pinson, (95) Shawn Johnson, (7x) Rory Jordan, (71k) Kevin Sustaire, (74) Jasen Hammond, (10c)Chris Cary, (78) Billy Jack Brutchin-NS,


Lap Leaders 1 -25     (90.5) Tommy Fain              


Smiley’s Hard Charger:  (30) John Nemetz

Superior Hard Charger:  (30) John Nemetz

Milton Clark Performance Warehouse:  (95) Shawn Johnson

Day Motor Sports Tire Winner:  (23) Logan Robertson

MLH Racing Products:  (14x) Josh Landers

41 Shocks:   (49) Chad Howell

Precision Fabrication High Point:  (90.5) Tommy Fain


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Special thanks to Kathern Koc
h and all of the Wichita Speedway staff for your help and support of the TOMS Series